28 February 2013

Fingering Asian Guys

Satoshi - Bisexual Athlete Jerks Off

Please help us to welcome the debut of Satoshi at Japanboys! For those that don't speak Japanese, he tells us he hails from Hiroshima and took the Shinkasen for 3 hours to Tokyo for his first video shoot. He is 20 years old and has a great body because he plays track and also swims. If you pay attention to his 'details'(beautiful 6 pack, and big juicy cock) you'll love every minute of his hot jerk off, which ends in a huge cumshot on a glass table.

That Asian Look

26 February 2013

Undressing Asian Guys

Fucking the Phone Thief

Masumi, who we have nick named "Precum" tries to sneak up on our model who we've nick named "Pornstar" (watch Barebacking the Backpacker and you'll know why) and steal his phone while taking a nap under an overpass. It would seem that Precum needs to brush up on his skills since getting caught.
As Precum begs forgiveness, Pornstar will only accept his apology if Precum will service his cock. Little does Pornstar know, but Precum never turns down a hard cock especially when it's attached to a good looking twink like Pornstar.
Not only does Precum offer his oral service but also offers up his ass and Pornstar gladly accepts. Watch as Pornstar pounds his ass doggy style and you'll know why we nick named Masumi "Precum." Look at the stream of precum dripping off of Masumi's cock as he gets fucked.

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